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Results Oriented

NAMC – DMV's purpose is to raise public awareness of our minority members, create concrete result-oriented opportunities and make inclusivity the norm for the mutual benefit and welfare of our members.

As a NAMC chapter, we are committed to creating and documenting our own success stories within our local areas. The advantages include our longstanding relationships with general contractors, our positions of influence in the community and the inclusive character of our organization.

Business Services

  • Professional development to improve business acumen.

  • Serve as a trusted advocate on behalf of NAMC members. 

  • Assist general contractors in their search for qualified partners.

  • Facilitate collaboration with corporate partners, strategic alliances, and public agencies.

  • Create successful pathways for members by minimizing barriers to opportunities and access to decision-makers, paving the way to acquire public and private contract opportunities.

  • Research procurement opportunities in all areas of the construction industry.

Community Service

  • Educate and train persons interested in improving their economic and social well-being.

  • Promote civic and economic prosperity.

Membership Support

  • Promote the general and individual welfare of minority builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers in the construction industry.

  • Compile and distribute information to our members for their benefit to aid, service, and protect our members.

  • Promotion and dissemination of valuable information to our members.

  • Promote a spirit of cooperation among the various minority and majority builders, contractors, and sub-contractors.

  • Ascertain the problems of our members relative to the building and construction trade to all things necessary to solve such problems for our members.

  • Create manuals and literature as a guide to maintain high business ethics and to encourage sound business practices to raise the standards of our members.

  • Foster diversity within the industry by advocating for the inclusion of various racial and ethnic minorities. 

  • Do all things necessary to promote and maintain such relations between our members and the various federal, state, county, and city departments or agencies as will fairly and equitably benefit all of its members.

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