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Our Mission

The DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) chapter serves as an advocate and business development association for minority construction contractors in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We strive to understand and eliminate the barriers that prevent minority contractors from thriving in the construction industry.

The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) is a nonprofit trade association established in 1969 to address the needs and concerns of minority contractors. While membership is open to people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, the organization's mandate, "Building Bridges - Crossing Barriers," focuses on construction industry concerns affecting African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American construction contractors.

NAMC DMV Chapter Objectives:

  • Provide business development, and training focused on collaboration and capacity building.

  • Represent the economic and legal interests of our members.

  • Advocate for law and government actions that address the concerns of minority contractors.

  • Create a collaborative environment that cultivates mutual support between large construction firms, minority contractors, and local government entities.

  • Increase visibility and access to local opportunities for our members

We are committed to providing our members with accurate, valuable, and timely information to position their business to take advantage of local emerging opportunities. Our goal is to foster relationships and create a forum for sharing knowledge and resources while maintaining the highest professional standards.

Construction Workers at Sunset


Jim Simpson - President

Evelyn Ross - Vice President

Becky Belay - Treasurer

Megan Bailiff - Secretary

Janice Vieira -  Membership Chair

Jeff Banks

Wilfred Gray

Stan Jackson

Dennis Smith

Mike Smith

Freddie Winston

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